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Reball game

Reball is a game, which could be called “paintball without paint”. This game looks like paintball - the same equipment and the same guns are used. The only one difference is that balls in reball are rubber and reusable. The main reball’s advantage is that the number of balls during the game is not limited, besides you will not smudge yourself. This means that reball can be played both: by adults and children.

Your instructor will be one of professional paintball players who have got a lot of experience in paintball;
Reball is played in a special court which is in old taxi park in Vilnius. “SUP AIR” inflatable figures is arranged there.
The aim of this game is to bring flag of opponents and bring it to your start position.

Who can attend? Reball is recommended to players who are not younger than 12 years old;
What should I bring to the game? You should bring sportswear: sports clothing, sports shoes for playing inside, cap and scarf. We will give full equipment and guards;
Does it painful to play? If it hits, you can feel something like "flick", but shooting from a small distance may remain slight bruising, so for the security shots closer than 3 meters are prohibited.


Unlimited balls
Additional hour
For a group


  • The price includes marker and anti-fog mask.
  • The minimal group - 10 players. There may be fewer players, but have to pay for 10 people.
  • Game's duration - 2 h.